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“Holy grail of cryptocurrencies economy”, this is how most people love referring to a balanced coin influence, there are some coins trying to proof that it is stable, many others still under work projects, but when you look deep into central banks issued notes( Specially mass adopted and more stable) and the way in which it evolved, you will discover that it is a work in progress, there isn’t a perfect solution or one time algorithm, Bitcoin Stable Coin (BCS) will begin from the Bitcoin holders upwards, the reliance in a scale like this will cause the stability not like other coins attempting to compete, BCS is sure to glow it together increasing the size and wealth of Cryptocurrencies economy.

Stable At:
Bitcoin cash possess a 10% value of bitcoin ( using US dollars) almost all of the time, the stability is not pegged with some instrument, but it’s coming from the community.
BCS will be fixed to 1 US Dollar since that is exactly what we all want to put in new CryptoFin instrument and scale trust, which will add up to the mass adoption, and enhance the distribution of wealth.


1 US Dollar


1 BCS per 1 US Dollar from the bitcoin value

Ticker: BCS

Symbol: Ƀ

monetary unit


First 54,000 wallets

On that day of the fork, everyone will get 1 BCS per dollar from the remaining bitcoin you are holding. In essence, if on fork day the price Bitcoin of vs US Dollar is 8500 USD, you will get 8500 BCS. To add up supply naturally the first 54,000 wallets will continue receiving BCS while Bitcoin price keep goes up until Bitcoin arrives at 20,000 USD (Helicopter Drop Money).



Unlike every other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Stable Coin (BCS) will provide interest for keeping it for the period of time, same as you always get when you put in your fiat in a bank. Though not like fiat you do not have to send it to anywhere, you only select the wallet, we check the value to mark the interest. And you place balance only on ...The wonder of Blockchain. Many income characteristics will be distributed as we move ahead special interest which is paid in BCS or fiat. The stability of BCS vs USD won’t be determined by demand and supply, as this is not the way the central bank currencies operates. BCS will place it self as a duty for complex commodities not only as a cryptocurrency coin.



One of cause of driving the price is due to shortage in supply, and one of cause of driving the price down is because of the interests in holding it, or little or no patronage from any organization or values of such support. The interest rate is going to be adjusted depending on the Federal USD interest rate, and subsequent reasons, but in summary keeping BCS will yield higher returns. The interest is going to be paid through USD or BCS, it will be based on the institute who you are agreeing with to hold.

We all are aware that the central bank is a good profitable business, giving such patronage to BCS will encourage the stability and develop the ecosystem as a whole, as linking these two worlds will provide more comforting user experiences of clients.


A major question “Stable coin” always face is lack of attention, what if people do not need it anymore! This is the reason why beside every exchange (s) BCS will be open to, there will always be our personal exchange, which is going to buy BCS notwithstanding what happens. Beside placing itself to be the most decentralize and transparent exchange, our exchange serves the roles of the central banks (medium of payment)

Open Book (Publicly Trading Co.)
But we have arrived at a tipping point. We are at a period where finance organizations are prepared to start sorting this stuff out. An official publicly trading CryptoFin organization with open books providing cryptocurrencies instruments will grow and bring fresh layers of complexity to blockchain, BCS and various coins, which will add up in adoption. Its major aim will be Bitcoin Stable BCS and Bitcoin.

BCS Venture Capital
Ideas coming from supporting community will remain as ideas without a fund, this is a reason why BCS differs from most other coins or forks, a set fund will be made available to finance all supporting projects and ideas. Still not yet a shot box, we will need you to jump and be part of the funding using your BCS. Our objective from BCS VC to arrive at this trans ecosystem wallet where you do not need to move funds from a game wallet to the other, or to a website products which you are buying or a stream you are watching, or a service. When a person uses or buys a product with Bitcoin stable, it creates a better experience for BCS clients better by patronizing the developer ecosystem. Know that this network results attract a growing and stable user base for Bitcoin Stable Coin.



Interest Gain








Finance Institutional Friendly




Community rewards


Maximum Returns

We are currently opening options for the cryptocurrencies contributors who did not get yield admirable returns in 2018 to profit from this Fork, by providing you with the opportunity to purchase even more.
Rate will become 0.1 USD per 1 BCS
Through fork distributed your address will get the fork amount + contributors amount.
I.e You have invested 1 USD using 1 address that has a Bitcoin importance of 1 USD on fork day, on fork period that address will get 11 BCSs.
In addition we also will posses the contributors addresses getting 25,000 BCSs (Helicopter drop money) after trading commence until Bitcoin meets 25,000 USD.



  • Aug 2018

    The Begin.


    Building supporting community, and smart contributors.

  • Nov 1st, 2018

    The Fork.


    Distribution and expanding BCS scalability.

    Nov 1st, 2018

    The Fork.

  • Nov 2018

    Open Books

    Publicly trading company

    newyork, USA

    Friendly approach to finance institutions.

  • Nov 2018


    BCS Venture Capital

    Scaling BCS ecosystem & wallets usage to a transcendence level.

    Dec 2018


  • Jan 2019



    Decentralize transperant exchange.


The number of coins which will be there?
On the fork day USD Bitcoin value x10.

The number of coins which will be there?
On the fork day USD Bitcoin value x10.

Who will keep the remaining coins?
It will be held by the public trading company and BCS exchange.

How can I be part of the community?
It is based on your knowledge, we are including new members on a daily to BCS team all over the word. Reach out to us at community @ Keep it simple, name your role, describe your experience.

When nodes, exchanges, wallets will get announced?
We just begun our diligence, in 15 days time it will become available on our website. You can file a request to be part of us using:
For nodes: nodes @
For exchanges: exchanges @
For wallets: wallets @

Are you thinking it will no longer have the USD peg?
No, we are certain of our method, but we are expecting a little bit of volatility in the first 2-3 months, this is normal, it all depends on the value of Bitcoin and if it increases following the BCS fork.

Is there any incentive program when i accept BCS or become part of it platform?
Of course, you can contact us.

Should I invest in the public trading company?
Yes, although be always know about all the policies and various requirement coupled with the US stock trading and investment. You can contact us through the contact form.


With multiple self-standing groups of developers making software implementations available, the future is always secure. Bitcoin Stable Coin isn’t open to social and political attacks towards protocol development. No single project or group can dictate it. Multiple implementations offers redundancy to make sure that the network stays 100% uptime. You can join our community @

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